Tuesday, June 17, 2008

half way...

Since two days i am in Budapest. Or Hungaria as they call it.
When I did leave the Main and the Main donau canals things went easier. No more locks and more locks, only a few...still they were one to remember. Kilometers of walking to get back into the boat. After leaving the West of europe i did went into Slowakia, where i did paddle for two days, I did not change money, so I just went all the time south of the danube, where it is Hungarian soil.
Useless to say, you meet and experience a lot of karackters and situations. All worth the trip.

The danube is making it not hard for me, paddling in these waters go by itself and not hard work...maybe later.
I sleep on the banks of the danube, in clubs, in sheds etc... so just the way i like it.
People are friendly and nothing to worry.
In Vienna i had to repair my boat, it had over 5 holes and most of the keelstrip we had to replace. Taking it out of the water and carry it over locks and boulders everyday, will take the most of the material.

Well later on when i will be home a nice report will follow...seems i am into Eastern europe english, can not think clear, the way i want to write it.

See you later,
or t