Monday, November 3, 2008

The strong to go upstream.

The people from Wannheim Kayak Club near Duisburg in Germany did look after my like a prodigal son...I did have a good homestay their for a few days. They also helped me to get a lift upstream the river Rhine with a ship. The stream was to strong to paddle all up to the Main canal.

The m.v. Waldhof did bring me in two days from Duisburg to the Maincanal. It's was a good learning experience to see from a ship the movements on the water.

COBBER is having a break and getting a suntan on the deck from the m.v. Waldhof.

One of the first damages along the way...hitting a boulder near a lock.
Many more would follow...

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Germany. april 2008

The first month of the 4000+ Kmtrip was taking most of my condition: Going upstream and passing many sluices/locks. But also a lot of nice bridges

Pushing and pushing the Dormund-Ems Canal, no side effects

After passing a lock, the waterpolice did pass by and asked for my papers. I forget that I had a liter of "fresh"milk in my cockpit. And did step on it. It later turned into sourcreme.

I met many people along the way, overhere the couple that takes care of the kayakclub Sterkrade: Thorsten and his wife. Thanks for the beer and the hamburgers!