Tuesday, October 7, 2008

COBBER returns!

COBBER is home!

I just left Moldova September 13 on the way back to Holland. And was going back by plane.
Before I left we took COBBER from Chisineau to Galatz (Romania) by road, a ship was waiting to take him back to Holland .
A patient who was treated in the hospital with help from the SMILESforMOLDOVA foundation was so happy and delighted with his new prostheses that he offered me a free ride to the border. After a few hours we arrived.

Travel in style
Then I did tie COBBER behind a car and the last 20 Km we drove to the Shipyard where COBBER would go home over the water.
The BASE Express from VOS (VroonOffshoreServices) did take him in three weeks to Holland, Den Helder. Storm and rain; windforce 9
So Saturday afternoon I did receive a call and we had to pick him up from the ship.
We drive with wind force 9 over the Afsluitdijk and returned home safe.

United with my kayak: COBBER.

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