Monday, November 26, 2007

Add salt to the Sea.

This morning there was a news report on the local radio about storing gas under the ground.
This will happen in Germany near Jengum, this is upstream the river Ems and close to the border with Holland. We, the kayakers from Groningen are regular visitors overhere.
The plan is to remove big salt pans under the surface and replace it by gas. They are not talking about cubic meters, but cubic kilometers.
They will pump in plain water and the salt will be turned into liquid, then they pump it up and let it all flow into the Ems.
An increase of 20 % more salt in the sea. The stretch of period would be 30 years. These projects cost billions of Euros and have no effect on the German habitat.
Well they are right; the pipe will be very close to the border of Holland. And as everybody can notice, we will be the one having environmental damage.
The area Dollard/Ems is already suffering from growth from industrial development and adding projects like this will increase the number of casualties under "dwellers of the Dollard/Ems region". Borkum line
In Holland we have the expression "carrying water to the sea", in Germany they "carry salt to the sea". Who is cleverer???
Well, will this region turn into the Death Sea? With so much salt. The advantage is that we do not have to wear PFD's anymore….we will float anyway.


Danny said...

Hi Jorgen
Thankyou for looking at my blog.
I will check in on your site now and then.I was in your country three year's ago working and you have a beautiful land ,keep it that way if you can .Thank's again, have a nice Christmas from my family to all of your's (Keep paddling ) Danny Carrickfergus, N.Ireland .

COBBER said...

Nice to hear from you Danny. Hope to return to Northern Ireland one time. The coastline in NI is stunning.
And they have all the things you need to survive.

You also enjoy the holidays and take care.

Douglas Wilcox said...

Hi Cobber, we have a similar expression about "carrying coals to Newcastle". In 1661 Thomas Fuller described this activity as: "to busy one's self in a needless imployment".

COBBER said...

Many expressions: Taking sand to the Sahara etc.
It's a way to keep inmates busy, or people of the dole.
What is the use of paddling the whole day, if you know the reward will be a nice Guinness at the end of the day. Why not go straight into the Pub and order a BlackTan.
Well maybe they call it: Enjoy

miep said...

hi, cobber. can you also have a herring instead of the smurf in between the salts?


COBBER said...

Well,The Smurf can not be eaten anyway, he is an endangered specie.

Herring is no problem, with or without unions??

miep said...

both! "I can manage....!"