Monday, November 12, 2007

Black November rain

End of October I left for a few weeks of paddling and camping. The weather was not that bad yet, only the days were getting shorter; meaning paddling time would be limited to 6 or 7 hours a day.
The original plan was going into the province of Friesland, then over the IJsselmeer circumnavigate Flevoland, go upstream the river Vecht and downstream the Ems, a river in NW Germany and end up near Emden where I had to cross the Dollard and come back to Groningen.
prinses Margrietkanaal
But due to weather conditions I decided to cut off the trip in an "early" stage. Friesland was windy and in Lemmer I did give it a last try and went to Urk passing inland by the canals. Hoping a day would give me some relief concerning the forecast; Windforce 8 to 9.
It was a week of storm and the famous "Dutch water works"; StormFlood Barriers were closed (for the first time in twenty years) to prevent the Lowlands Of Holland to have wet feet.
A cold and wet week and the trip I planned have to be postponed. I will make a little trip report about my two weeks paddling in Friesland. It was a harsh and cold trip but being all alone in these waters is rewarding.

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