Friday, January 11, 2008

Those were the days.

Senegal photo's from Kor

Last week Kor, Marlies and Robbert left for Africa. They will paddle in Senegal and Gambia for four weeks, while Kor will stay even longer to explore the coastline a little further. They will take there folding kayaks and as always they will have a good time. A good start of 2008!

Two years ago I paddled with Kor in ten days from the Belgian border (Eijsden) to the north of Holland (Groningen).
We were talking about it one day…. and the other day we went off.
486 km and although the days were short in November we did make it. We passed by the Maas, IJssel and the IJsselmeer. And at the end we were stinking like…..I don't know, but we drive home with all the windows open.

old and new

Last year I had to replace some gear. My old anorak was more white than red from the seasalt. Now I bought myself a heavy duty model.
My tent, a Vango MicroOdessey had to retire. He survived 15 years of hard work. Now I have a TNF Tadpole…wonder if he will also last that long. Latest thing to renew was a new bag for the towing line…. In 2007 I also lost two paddles in the surf: they had fractures and could not be used anymore. My compass and my knife did disappear in the waves....
So 2008 here I come!

camping in the house

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