Thursday, April 17, 2008

A dirty rotten week.


After a great crowd did wave me goodbye on saturday, i went of to Termunterzijl. In an easy pace i had to be there on sunday early afternoon. Josephen and my mum would say goodbye to me

During the night it is cold and freezing: minus 6 was registered one night, while my body does have to get used to the temparatures as well.

After two days i had to cross to Germany and the weather was perfect. No wind and a sunny day. When I arrived in the little harbour from Jemgum, things started to get worse. I did start to vomit and my bowls are not cooperating. I have been in bed for three days. Last friday I continued upstream the river Ems. Hard work and a lot of headwind as well.

I made it to the Sealocks of Heebron. And now continue to go inland. I pass by numerous locks and have to wait long times in the rain and the hail. So fun at all.
But like they said, Better a bad day in the kayak, than a good day in the office,
so far I made it to Munster. A nice city, with a lot of bridges and nice cafes.

After spending all the time camping, I now have residence in the ARV, the rowingclub overhere. A nice hot shower is welcome and a meal in a restaurant is welcome.

See you later,
I am not able to send pictures or can I use a grammar correction...this in case my English sucks!

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