Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Press and Paddles.

The last few weeks are hectic. The media is giving the project SMILES FOR MOLDOVA a lot of attention.
We are happy with it. The back-up team did work very hard:
On the website you can see translations in many languages, so people from countries I will pass by are also informed.
The guestbook is having frequent visitors.
And in the media section you will find all articles, interviews etc.

I did give a lot of attention about safety as well, when doing an interview. Seems they always cut it out….a pity because the general public is not well informed about kayaking. Most people only read about tragic accidents. A few days ago a peddler did lost his life on the river Rhine. He was minced beef when they find him in the screw of a vessel.
I repeat all through the interview: Safety first! To make the public aware of Safe Paddling.

Last week we also went to Amsterdam to visit Arend Bloem, he is one on the major material sponsors. At the same day we visit the daily newspaper; de Volkskrant.
The editors did welcome us.
Toine Heijmans, Jady Petovic and Michiel van der Geest are the ones editing the Travel section.
Volkskrantreizen.nl will be keeping the Dutch readers up-to-date about my trip.

Well a few days more…and then I will go off.
So if you want to meet and greet….Saturday april 5.
From 10.30 you are welcome. I will leave 12.00 noon.
Not later, I don't want to miss the boat.

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