Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Message in a bottle...

Three weeks ago I was planning to go away for a trip around the province of Friesland and maybe some further away as well.
The boat was prepared with a new keel strip and a new compass. And my broken paddle was replaced by a new one.
So ready to go off and enjoy the falling leaves in autumn. During summer Friesland is a water sport haven with lots of boats but these days the water is all for myself.
Bad luck did strike while taking my last shower and was not able to walk properly anymore: back problems.
So tomorrow I'll give it another try. If there will be news I will send you a letter…..


Anonymous said...

hoi Jorgen,
glad to read you've a new compass. this time I asume you will connect it to your kayak with "big, strong" shackels?

greetzzz patrick

Anonymous said...

Ha, Jörgen, ook ik ben heel benieuwd naar je nieuwe kompas en kijk uit naar een foto ervan, gemaakt tijdens je overtocht van vermoedelijk morgen of overmorgen over het IJsselmeer ...!
Groeten, marlies.

kaat said...

hi jurgen
zou je mij willen mailen? ik heb jouw email adres niet. kijk op mijn blog voor waarschuwing.

COBBER said...

hello to all of you,

Well the compass is ok, but smaller then the old one. The new one a Iris 100 from plastimo will hopefull remain on the deck when a big wave will strike.
Marlies, IJsselmeer I did not make...see my next topic.
Patrick I have some photo's from you in Vlieland but can not find your e-mail.

miep said...

de foto met de thermoflesjes (the bottles with the message)- heel geniaal bedacht!