Monday, February 11, 2008

s-Miles for Moldova

Yesterday I paddled alone on the lake of Paterswolde.
I have been living near the lake for whole my life.. When we were young, we did fall in the mud at the ditches. And going home wet was common, growing up near this fantastic playground did have an extra dimension.
It was the ocean and we sailed across it to find new places and small Islands. In winter we did skate to the other side, while the frost was already gone for two weeks.
What can go wrong?? Nothing! the world is ours…..

Later on I went travelling around the world. My backpack and my tent was all I need.
Guinness in Ireland, Gunfire in Libya, Makan-doeloe in Indonesia, "Hey Mate" in Australia, "Hee Joe" in the Philippines. OiOi in Scotland

Always enjoy and feel free. If I want to sleep I sleep, go walking; I walk, Hangout with the Locals; I drink and enjoy their customs. A fire and somebody is playing his 12 snare guitar.

How different this time??
In april I will leave for a trip to Moldova.
4000 Km: Solo-paddling in my Kayak.
Raising money and get attention for the start of a department for Maxillofacial Prosthetics in Chisinau, Moldova.

This time I will try to give something to others: So they will feel free and enjoy. By giving them a new Face.

….I did my little roundtrip around the lake and saw another Kayaker: Marlies, then another; Lianna and a few meters later Robbert as well.
All people I like and spend a lot of time with on the water.
Marlies and Robert did paddle four weeks in Gambia and Senegal. Nice stories; crocodiles, fruits from the Baobab tree , little secret waters and nice weather…..Perfect Kayaking!



René said...

Hi Cobber,

Interesting plans: 4000 km paddling in Moldova.
May I ask what you planned to paddle: around the Black Sea?
Have a good time.

COBBER said...

Hello Rene,

The plan is to start in Groningen, than go eastwards.
Passing by 12 countries to end up in Moldava.
Only the Dollard and Black sea will be open waters, the rest rivers: Ems, Main, Donau etc.

Later on I will write a little more about the final planning and my motivation to dothis.
Regards Jörgen