Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Introduction Moldova Sponsortrip

No escaping anymore...this is KayakCobber; Jörgen

In a little more than six weeks I will leave for a new adventure. This time not with the backpack and far and away. But I will just start here on the lake. No problems with buses, trains or missing a plane.

A kayak journey of 4100 Km to ask attention and raise money to fund a department of Maxillofacial Prosthetics in the University Medical Centre of Chisinau, Moldava.
This department treats patients with facial defects/disorders/injuries.

One person, one kayak, one tent.
I will go all by myself.

The trip will start in Holland and will go Eastwards, all through the heart of Europe, to end up in Moldova.
When I will arrive in Chisinau I have been in: Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Moldova.
Apart from the Wadden sea and the Black sea all the paddling will go over rivers.
Ems, Mainz, Donau, Dnjester….

Time is ticking for me. Having the EEC syndrome: cleft/palate, skin, nails and eyes etc. problems. My eyes will go worse in future.
I am dreaming my dreams today!

Departure is planned in the beginning of April; this will give me time to travel during spring and summer. The trip is having an open end. Due to limitations of health I can be forced to slow down.
In normal conditions it will take me five months.


Douglas Wilcox said...

What a brilliant idea for a trip and fur such a good purpose. I wish you every success!


René Seindal said...

I hope you have a fantastic journey. Best of luck from me.

Anonymous said...

Hi, i echo the words of Douglas good luck in your journey, if there is anything i can do to help, please let me know.


Richard Cree

josephen calunod said...

With all the luck especially on your way back!
Have a fun and safe trip,


Björn said...

Hi Jörgen

great trip, Hope it will work out the way you plan, good luck from Germany

Happy paddling Björn

Anonymous said...

hoi Jorgen,
succes with your trip to moldova. thinking of a way to support you.
but will there be a sponsot party when you leave in april
greetzz patrick

josephen calunod said...


Would like to throw a party, but should be in two days before the paddle. Do not want Cobber to have problems on the way...


COBBER said...

Hello everybody,

It's nice to hear that everybody supports me. I need it though, this trip will take a lot from me, special because of fysical limitations.
still I make the best of it. And Moldova is my aim.

Later on I will tell you more about my plans. as for now departure will be Saturday April 5.

Patrick, Mrs.COBBER knows me very well. and if I will start drinking my favourite Guinness on the last night. We will have a problem. No i am not a regular consumer, but if I enjoy I enjoy. always take me a few days to recover. haha.

to all the Scottish viewers, i will contact you to see what you can do.
thanks in advance.

Well I keep you all informed.
regards Jörgen

Danny said...

May the friendship's you make, be those which endure, and all of your grey clouds be small one's for sure.
And trusting in him to whom we all pray, may you have a great paddle all of the way!! An Irish proverb I made for you Jorgen , best wishes on the solo trip to Moldova -
Danny - Belfast kayak club Northern Ireland .

COBBER said...

Thanks Danny,
Irish music have been in my life since early childhood. And the proverb I like a lot.

When wrong, comes right
and right comes wrong
and do the best you can
a pint of Guinness is your only man.
From the oldest Boyband in the World: Ronnie and Barney and the rest...the Dubliners
Guinness will keep me going, from Pub to Pub...