Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Arend Bloem -

Yesterday we made a trip to Amsterdam. The weather was just like it was used to be in Ireland. We had sun, rain, snow and some mist in a short period of time.

We did visit Arend Bloem. Also known as "the Kajakcentre from Holland". Dozens of boats are on display and if you want to have a try; Just hop in and do a test on the water. Having a wide range of boats: There is always a model that will suit you.
Seakayaks, WW, playboats, Canadian canoes or for the more advanced: racing and K1 boats.
Together with Arjen and Rob and the other Kayak-holics they have a lot of know-how when it comes to boats, paddles, safety, clothes etc.
Paddle to the metal!
Mister Eagle has been in his younger days a participant of the Olympics. So over speeding in a kayak was a common habit of him. This year he is celebrating his 25 year anniversary in the Kayak business.

A milestone and many more years to come….congratulations! They are situated in an area that is known as the "Zaanstreek". Windmills and irrigation systems from the early days keep this part of Holland dry.

Who will be the Medal-winner?
Arend Bloem and are also sponsoring the project SMILES FOR MOLDOVA.
This is a nice gesture and a great help. We went home with a lot of materials. But also with good advice…useful hints from skilled people.

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