Sunday, March 9, 2008

HISWA, promoting Moldova

For your eyes only

Yesterday I have been to the HISWA, this is the biggest water sport fair from Holland. Sitting in the train before seven, I arrived a few hours later at the RAI in Amsterdam.
I was welcomed by one of the members from the NKB. They had a little promo corner just near the basin, where whole day demo's were taking place. Water-ski, sailing and some play boats and kanopolo.
No sea kayakers around, it was the day for the youngsters. Who could win a camera with their Tricks and Rolls.
And the day of the crowd who want to have a million euro boat but can only afford a dinghy…..Or a kayak like me. I prefer the kayak though.

the Blue banana Boat
Main features were huge boats and new equipment.
Only Bic was having a large area to promote their Kayaks and catamarans. No other kayak dealers around. Although, I am not using the wide sit-on kayak from Bic, they do attract a wide audience.
I bought myself a new handheld VHF radio, a Standard Horizon. At the same time I asked dealers from all kinds of navigation equipment about the SPOT.
Nobody did know about the brand, and one even told me that I am fooling him….well seems they don't like competition. Or do not open themselves for new technologies.
The rest of the day I hand out leaflets and give some info about Kayaking and the trip to Moldova.

Play in the Boat

When I put on the computer this morning there was a news item: somebody was rescued on a river in a kayak overhere on the river Rhine. I don't know the details….according to the item, the current was to strong. Two people had to rescue him…he had some problems with hypothermia afterwards.


joko said...

Hi Jorgen: bij toeval las ik wat voor fantastische dingen je gaat doen allemaal. Super!
Heb gelijk "mum" gebeld en gezegd dat ze nu ook eens een goede computer moet nemen. Kan ze je reis volgen.
Ik ken je als een enorme doorzetter dus het lukt je vast!!!
Heel veel succes
joke w.

COBBER said...

Hallo Joke,

We gaan ervoor en dit is weer een nieuw avontuur...
Nu een beetje dichter bij huis, maar daarom niet minder leuk.

groeten Jörgen

Kelly G said...

Greetings Jorgen! My mother is Edna Prins(Afman) and I know we met once when you visited Canada. Mom told me about what you're doing so I checked out your blog. I wish you much success on your journey and may God protect you.
Kelly Gazendam Prins