Monday, October 29, 2007

D-day; Dollard day


surfsmurf doing the planning
It was on a evening in May when I received a call to go to the Dollard.
A nice daytrip where Germany and Holland meet, South of the river Ems.
We left from Termunterzijl, a nice little village with a very old pumping-engine. We go Eastwards where the Ems and the Dollard will split. We go into the Mouth of the Dollard, while on the Ems you can see the big vessels going to Emden, or maybe further upstream to Papenburg to be rebuild at the famous Mayerwerff.

On the way to NieuwStatenzijl we decide to pass by the pole that is standing in the water and marks the border of Holland and Germany. We are the only one on the water, it's not very deep and little boats can only come here with HW.

We are now heading for Noordpolderzijl, but we had to "Wadlopen", Meaning that we had to walk in the mud for a while, we don't have enough water under the boat. So we are knee-deep in the silt and slime.
We will have a break in the lookout of the bird's sanctuary. People from the land can only come here by a very long jetty in this swamp area and they will be rewarded with lots of flying obstacles…..and some down to earth kayakers.

beside the lookout


fullmoon said...

nice pics and story ! Reminded me of the time when we had to 'walk' the kayaks for a change, due to the low tide.

COBBER said...

Hello Fullmoon. Sometimes it is planned sometimes not. Overhere in the Wadden sea we have so many sandbanks and little channels, that making trips with LW is also very rewarding..
And if we do not want to make a detour we go over it and see what will happen....part of the adventure.

fullmoon said...

Hope there are no quicksands!

kaatje said...

Jurgen! Really nice weblog! Isn't blogging a great way to keep a diary??
hope to see you in this coming year.

COBBER said...

hello Kaat,

"Always a Lady even on the water",
we missed you on Vlieland this year...maybe Spiekeroog is a good idea to put in your agenda for next year.