Friday, October 26, 2007

Wind whistles around Vlieland

This year we decided to start from Lauwersoog and paddle in a few days to Vlieland, where the annual Seakayak camp from the NKB took place. 15-22 September.
Lianna, Teun and I met at Lauwersoog and after packing we did go to the NE side of Ameland. The weather was good and a moderate wind was around.
We had to struggle in the sand and walk quite far to pitch our tents…but were rewarded with a nice spot surrounded by Dunes.

Next day we continue west along the North side of Ameland towards Terschelling. But due to weather conditions we had to stop and take the Ferry to the mainland. Prediction was NW 7 and passing the straits in between the Islands was not safe. Later that day we heard a Sailing boat did collapse and had to be rescued.
So it was all a hassle to organize some transport to pick us up, but calling the home front did get us away from Holwerd.

Next day we all met in Harlingen and took the Ferry to Vlieland.
The whole week wind was blowing hard, this mend surfing conditions were perfect to upgrade our skills: Rescue, rolling, towing etc.
I broke my paddle while my compass did vanish in the waves.
Lianna did break her tent poles. Bad luck for both of us.

On the land we had lectures about first aid, navigation, paddles etc. This week Axel and Patrick were our mentors, the main theme was leadership. During the week we experienced that communication is the key to success.

The whole week the wind was whistling in our ears and the last day there was no wind at all. So we could all paddle back to Harlingen in the presence of sailing ships. And on a rare occasion a seal is appearing on the surface to say hello.


miep said...

is that the ghost ship behind?


COBBER said...

That is the sailing vessel from One Eye Jack. He is last seen in 1856 and now and then he appears on the surface again. Beware!