Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Spending the night on Simonszand?

It was this April and according to the weatherforecast, it should be warm. Very warm.
So with four people (Lianna, Kor and Jan) we planned a two-day trip to Simonszand. We left from Lauwersoog and did have a break on "het Rif", a little sand-bank in between the islands Ameland and Schiermonnikoog.

Lianna had a Cup of Coffee on "Het Rif"

After some eating and drinking we did continue our trip. Passing by the North side of Schiermonnikoog it would only take a few hours to come to Simonszand. Wind was coming from NE and we had to work hard. Too hard....after a while some mist did appear as well.
the great outdoors
So we decide to stop on the NEpoint of Schiermonnikoog where we set camp for the night.
Kayaking is not only about making miles on the sea: Camping and preparing food is part of it as well. "Haute Cuisine" on the Primus is possible and good food will keep you motivated. Same with a nice warm sleepingbag when you go to rest, so you can dream and dream........
kitchen stuff

As you can see we did not make it to Simonszand but we were rewarded with another stunning spot. In de surf I did have a little accident: My paddle was in two parts and the shoulder was not cooperating anymore.
Next day Lianna and I did have to walk for 18 km to come to the Ferry with the Kayaks, while Kor and Jan did paddle back to Lauwersoog.
To walk in the sand for many hours made us warm...
Even if it was cold, very cold: the weatherforecast did have a off-day.

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