Friday, October 19, 2007

waiting for the Tide

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A Fisherman is preparing himself for another day as we arrived in the little harbour of Noordpolderzijl. Dawn was breaking and a cool breeze was around. Another day in Paddle Paradise

Noordpolderzijl, a small harbour at the Wadden sea.

COBBER is meaning mate/friend, somebody who wil not let you down and you can trust.
It's an (archaic) word, but nowadays they don't use it anymore, except in Australia.
According to the Australian-dictionary it also means an unwanted person, an alien, a tourist.....or maybe a kayakker passing by.

A lot of times people are curious about kayakkers:

Where do you go

Is it not to cold

Are you sure you will go

Are you having food with you

You have a map with you

Can you take a tent

COBBER thinks he is an alien.

Regards Jörgen

Langeland, Denmark

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