Friday, March 21, 2008

Since a few years I read and join the Forum from

This site is the number one in Holland when it comes to Outdoor.
Raymond Koome has proven over the years that a high standard website like this is appreciated by the public.
When you are a hiker, mountaineer, kayaker or maybe a backpacker looking for new horizons this is the site to be.
Dutch and Belgium people find quick and easy an answer for all sorts of questions:
Materials, cooking, camping it's all discussed on the Forum.
Or maybe you want to read about people who climbed the mountains and have stunning stories to tell….or have a slideshow from the top of the world while sitting in your armchair.
As you can see, there is something on this website for everybody. Not only far away, but also close to home: Friesland, the Biesbosch or a stroll on the beach of Vlieland.

Hiking is also supporting SMILES FOR MOLDOVA.
They send me a Katadyn waterfilter Combi.
This piece of equipment will safe a lot of time and will make sure I have reliable drinkingwater along the way.
Thanks for this.

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