Sunday, March 23, 2008

Invitation to say Farewell.

Well sometimes you have to say "Bye Bye" in order to make your dreams come true.
Saturday April 5 is another day to part again from family, friends and a lot of other people.

Restaurant "de twee provincien", also known as the Lighthouse, near the "Paterswoldse meer", the lake is having their facility available for the public who wants to say Goodbye and give me their best wishes for the trip I will make for SMILES FOR MOLDOVA.
The kayak trip I will do across Europe to ask attention for "Maxillofacial Prosthetics".

Everybody is welcome at 10:30 in the morning to have a cup of tea, be informed about the trip and give each other the opportunity to wave Farewell.
At 12.00 noon I will part and paddle away….my trip will start!

The last few weeks I did have a lot of heart-warming reactions.
A sailing yacht near Tasmania was sending their moral support through their "Sailmail", somebody did phone me from an oil rig in the North Sea. While another send me a nice poem from Northern Ireland.
And in the UK, kayakers did help me to spread the sponsor mails to a wide audience.
Not only abroad people want to help and support….

This week we also had the good news that a sponsor in Holland, called
NATIONAL ACADEMIC will support us with 20000 Euros.
So this is a good start and a reward for the back-up team as well as for myself. It helps to make SMILES FOR MOLDOVA a big success.
Also a motivation to make it to Moldova and keep the project in the spotlight.

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