Friday, March 14, 2008

Hot news from Africa.

some pictures from Kor during other trips overhere in Holland
A few weeks ago I did tell you about my friends, who went to Africa. To paddle in there folding kayaks on the coast and rivers of Senegal and Gambia.

Marlies and Robbert did come back after 4 weeks and Kor did stay longer.
Well last week I had an alarming call from Marlies: Kor was having nothing at all anymore. He only was wearing his brief and a T-shirt. He needed help and money etc…

What was all happening in Africa??
Kor was camping near the beach in Gambia. While preparing some things on his stove, something went wrong!
The stove was not working well and within the blink of an eye all his belongings were gone. Everything was lost in the flames. His tent, clothes, kayak, money, camera, mobile phone, papers etc. and a vast area of land did caught fire easily in this dry part of Africa.

So there he was standing with only two pieces of clothes… Africa.
He walked away from the sea with nothing and came into the village with nothing…..Would the locals think he is the new Messiah and offer there daughters to him?? Or offer his the best pig for slaughter? Nothing of it all.
He was offered some clothes from locals and the consul did give him a few Euros to "survive"….enough to buy a cup of tea and a sandwich without viand.
A local police officer bought some cookies for him while going up and down to authorities, banks and police station to have everything solved…..but with no ID, things were not easy. People from this side of the world are fund of stamps, papers and more papers. From one to another and in the end, the office is closed and you have to come back the next day, or they are giving priority to a siesta. And you just have to keep you calm….TIA: THIS IS AFRICA!
Surviving in shabby hotels with prostitutes and out-laws he came back a few days ago in Holland….with nothing but his memories.

Hope to see Kor soon in a new folding-kayak, but first he has to hand over his insurance policy! What policy….?
It's gone and lost forever. Gone with the wind and the flames.

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